Union representatives say a number of agriculture programs, including some associated with the federal Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration, will be ending due to budget cuts.

The PFRA, which was created as a response to drought on the Prairies in the 1930s, provides a number of supports to farming.

A shelter-belt tree nursery, which recently celebrated its 100th anniversary, has also been a part of the department.

According to PSAC, the Public Service Alliance of Canada, a total of 385 workers for the federal agriculture department were impacted by cuts affecting the prairie region and the production of shelter-belt trees in Indian Head will be ended.

The union said PFRA pastures were being closed as part of the cuts.

Exact numbers of job losses were not immediately available for Saskatchewan, but union leaders estimated that it could range from 225 to 270, with Regina-based workers bearing the brunt of the cuts.