Participants at Agribition, a major trade show in Regina, say leaky roofs and unreliable power in the barns is making the venue for a world-class fair look second-rate.

"There's problems with water leaks in the building and water leaking on our cattle," Alain Decorby said, pointing out large tarps suspended from the rafters of the barn he is in. The tarps are meant to deflect water that enters from the roof.

Other cattle producers point out the power supply for their equipment is not enough to meet their needs.

"These blowers take 20 amp and most of the breakers in here are 15 amps so you're always blowing the breakers," Karen Lischka said, adding that she has solved the problem by bringing a portable generator to the barns.

The Agribition venue is owned by the city of Regina.

According to organizers of the six-day show, the event generates an estimated $27 million in revenues for various businesses associated with Agribition.

Lischka says that kind of economic value should motivate the city to improve its facilities or consider what things would be like if the show moved.

"In the perspective of the city's point of view, I think they have to think of where would they be if Agribition wasn't here," she said.

Decorby offered a similar sentiment.  

"Everybody wants to come here and be here," he said. "It's a world class show. It should be world class facilities."

Michael Fougere, the mayor of Regina, agreed the place needs to be fixed up.

"I know there's some concerns about leaky roofs those kinds of things and we do need to be competitive and have a world class venue," he said. "We're working to do that."

It was not clear how much work was underway to improve the venue.

Another cattle producer, Ted Serhienko, suggested the city move before the event does.

"I truly believe that the city should take a look at this thing and try to enhance or upgrade these facilities," Serhienko said. "Because there's a lot of other people who would love to host this show."

With files from CBC's Dean Gutheil