Library assistant Deanna Jenkin says she's trying to stay upbeat after three years without a contract. (CBC)

Public library workers in Saskatoon have begun their fourth year working without a contract — with no quick settlement in sight.

Deanna Jenkin, a library assistant who's one of 250 workers whose last contract expired March 31, 2010,  says she's trying to remain upbeat but that's getting harder to do.

"You just don't feel valued, so morale kind of goes down a little bit," she said.

The workers want a 15 per cent wage increase to cover the last three years, while the library board is offering seven per cent.

Dolores Douglas, vice-president of the Canadian Union of Public Employees Saskatchewan, says the increase is needed to close the wage gap with other library workers.

"Within the city we are lower, within the school board, within the universities and also within the library systems across the province we are lower," she said.

The library board says its offer is better than what other city unions have received and it wants the union to vote on it.  

The union says it still wants to bargain, but no new talks are scheduled.