An actor from Saskatoon is back at home after being found guilty in the United States of operating an immigrant consultant business without proper credentials.

Andrew Boryski, 26, was sentenced to a year in jail, although the sentence is not being imposed and he has been allowed to return to Saskatoon.

Boryski maintains he never scammed anyone.

"I can look at myself and go, 'Ok. Here's where you were wrong and I'm regrettable about that. But here's the good you did for some people.' I can't worry about the haters."

Boryski moved to Los Angeles in 2005, graduated from acting school and secured a work visa.

Other foreign actors asked him to help, he said.

"2011 was kind of the year when I really started more of these simply because there was another firm that was really kind of, basically taking people's money," he said.

But nine of Boryski's own clients say he didn't do the job they paid him for.

In January, he was arrested and slapped with 32 charges, include theft and operating a business without proper credentials

He'll have to pay back about $38,000. Boryski says he now wants to work in Saskatchewan's film industry.