Jadah Walker, seen here earlier this week in Yorkton, was a witness Wednesday at the second-degree murder trial of her father, Kim Walker. ((Mark Taylor/CBC))

A Yorkton, Sask., woman has told a murder trial that she saw her father shoot and kill her boyfriend — and then draw a bloody cross on his forehead.

Jadah Walker was a Crown witness Wednesday morning at the trial of Kim Walker, 54, who is charged with second-degree murder in the March 17, 2003, death of James Hayward, 24.

Jadah Walker, who was 16 on the day in question and is now 24, said she was at Hayward's house when she saw her father pull up outside. She said after she greeted him at the door, he asked her to come home. Then Hayward came to the door and told Kim Walker he wasn't welcome there.


James Hayward, shown in an undated family photo, was 24 when he was shot and killed in 2003.

"My father reached across and started firing," Jadah Walker said.

The shooting was over quickly and Hayward hit the floor, she said.

"Once all the firing was finished, my dad put the gun down on the weight bench," she said. "He started to collect the shells. It was just chaotic."

She also said her father painted a cross on Hayward's forehead with blood, using his finger.

Witness discusses drugs

Jadah Walker said she had moved in with Hayward on her 16th birthday.

She testified her boyfriend made a living dealing drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, steroids, and morphine. She said she and Hayward both used morphine around the clock and on one occasion, her boyfriend injected her while she was sleeping.

"It was a routine," she told the courtroom in Yorkton, a city of 15,000 in the southeast part of the province.

Jadah Walker said she stopped using drugs the day her father killed Hayward.

Second witness testifies

Later in the day, a second witness testified he too saw Kim Walker shoot Hayward.

Mitchell Steininger, a friend of Hayward's, said he saw Walker force his way into the house.

He said Hayward ordered the man to get out, approaching Walker with his hand raised.

Then Walker started shooting, he said.


The Crown prosecutor showed the jury this semi-automatic handgun, allegedly used by Kim Walker in the killing of James Hayward. (Mark Taylor/CBC)

While in the witness box, Steininger also said he dated Jadah Walker before she began a relationship with Hayward.

He said her father once told him — jokingly — "You mess around with my daughter, I'll mess around with you."

The trial before Queen's Bench Justice Ellen Gunn and a jury of 12 members is expected to last more than two weeks.

It's the second murder trial for Walker, who was convicted in 2007 of second-degree murder.

The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal ordered a retrial last year because the judge and lawyers at Walker's first trial in 2007 had held meetings without him.