AC/DC's Regina show sells out fast, some fans displeased

Some disappointed Saskatchewan fans who wanted to rock with AC/DC are not saluting ticket sellers Monday.

Some disappointed Saskatchewan fans who wanted to rock with AC/DC are not saluting ticket sellers Monday.

Tickets to the band's Aug. 24 show in Regina went on sale Saturday morning and sold out within an hour.

And, as always seems to happen when big draws come to town, many tickets were quickly available on internet resale sites — with prices ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

That angered longtime fans like Jackie Lay, who spent a futile 1½ hours trying to buy tickets online through Ticketmaster.

She's one of many who say Ticketmaster's website was not working properly. It made her wait and wait, then told her no tickets were available.

"You get so excited. You think, 'Well, I'm going to get a ticket.' And then you sit there, and you sit there, and you just get more and more disappointed," Lay said. "That just makes me really angry that they're doing this."

The frustration was made worse by all the tickets posted on resale websites within minutes, Lay said.  

High ticket prices 'just crazy'

Among those online resellers is TicketsNow, which is run by Ticketmaster.

In Ontario, two law firms have launched class-action procedures against Ticketmaster and related parties, saying clients were overcharged.

For the Regina show, while prices were originally $69.50 and $99.50 plus service charges, resellers are charging a lot more.

"There's all these tickets and they're from $423 to $850," Lay said. "That's just crazy."

Ticketmaster senior vice-president Joe Freeman said he can understand the frustration, but the system was working "adequately" on Saturday.

"We wish there was a ticket for every single solitary fan," he said.

He admitted his company earns a fee when tickets are sold on TicketsNow, but added those resellers get no special treatment.

"No ticket given to Ticketmaster by the event provider went out before the show went on sale — to TicketsNow or anywhere else," he said.

Evraz Place, which was selling tickets in Regina on Saturday morning, said the glitch on the website was caused by overload, because AC/DC tickets for Regina and Edmonton went on sale at the same time.

Meanwhile, Lay is asking friends to find out if they have extra tickets to sell.

She still wants to go to the concert at Mosaic Stadium, but is not willing to pay the inflated prices.

AC/DC, one of the world's top rock acts with hit albums like Highway to Hell andDirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, have never played in Regina before.