911 tape played in case of drowned toddler

A Saskatoon court listened to an emotional voice on a 911 call Tuesday as the negligence trial of a foster mother continued.
Court hears the 911 call relating to drowning of a toddler in foster care, Dan Zakreski reports. 1:16

A Saskatoon court listened to the emotional voice of a foster mother on a 911 call Tuesday as her trial in the death of a toddler continued.

Eunice Wudrich, of the Aberdeen, Sask. area, is charged with criminal negligence in the 2010 death of foster child Evander Daniels, 22 months.

Tuesday was the second day her husband Dennis Wudrich was in the witness box, telling court his version of what happened on the day the child died in June 2010.

Court also heard a recording of the emergency call between a dispatcher and the Wudrichs moments after they discovered Evander's lifeless body in a bathtub.

"He's not breathing," Eunice Wudrich said to the dispatcher.

While her husband tried to revive the boy, Wudrich frantically tried to give the dispatchers directions to their home in the Aberdeen area, which is about 30 kilometres northeast of Saskatoon.

Seconds into the playing of the call, the child's biological father Chris Martell left court, weeping.

The defence is arguing the boy's death was an accident, saying the depth of water in the tub was five centimetres and the child was left unattended only for a short while.

At the time Evander was alone, Eunice Wudrich was in another part of the house, taking care of four other foster children and her own daughter, court heard.

An autopsy found that drowning was the cause of death, but the toddler also suffered from severe scalding-type burns.

The trial, which began Monday, is expected to conclude today.