It may be early for officials to let go a sigh of relief, but the most recent briefing on flooding conditions in Saskatchewan shows the situation is easing for most, although there are many areas with local water issues.

On Friday, the Water Security Agency of Saskatchewan, in conjunction with other government officials, provided a briefing on the state of flood waters.

Here are nine noteworthy highlights:

  1. Generally, water levels are going down across Saskatchewan. An exception is the Qu'Appelle chain of lakes where water is expected to reach peak volumes next week, with rising water levels taking place through the weekend. Crews continue to put in place a variety of protective measures for vulnerable areas.
  2. The Poundmaker First Nation, which had experienced some flooding, is poised to move into a recovery mode to deal with the effects of flooding.
  3. The number of people who were evacuated from their homes and are using the resources of the Social Services ministry to assist them is 40, at last count. That figure does not include people who have left their homes, due to flooding, but have found a place to stay on their own.
  4. Water on the James Smith First Nation has caused severe damage to local roads and it is difficult to reach that community. Crews are working to protect roads to ensure people can move around the community.
  5. Flooding in the RM of Corman Park continues to be a challenge because moving water from flooded property means -- in many cases -- flooding another property.
  6. Cottages near the shore of Shell Lake have been damaged from high water and wave action. Water on the lake has reached a peak, however. An estimated 20 cottages have some water damage.
  7. Six communities have been approved for assistance through the province's disaster aid program. Six more are on the verge of approval. A total of 55 communities have contacted officials about the program.
  8. Highway 16, a major east-west route in Saskatchewan, has reopened at Radisson. However there are some areas still with water on the road. Highway 2 is also affected by water, with some portions closed. A total of six Saskatchewan highways have closed portions.
  9. Water in Radisson Lake is expected to remain at high levels for a week. The levels are steady.