Saskatchewan First Nations chiefs are gathering Thursday to discuss the future of Guy Lonechild. (CBC)

Nine northern Saskatchewan First Nations chiefs say they won't participate in a non-confidence vote Thursday on FSIN chief Guy Lonechild.

Chiefs from around the province are set to gather Thursday to decide the fate of Lonechild, who pleaded guilty to impaired driving earlier this year.

A Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations committee suspended Lonechild from his duties earlier this month, but on Tuesday, a Queen's Bench judge ruled the process followed was unlawful and must be set aside.

Based on that decision, the nine chiefs with the Meadow Lake First Nations said Wednesday they will not participate in "a procedural process that is unfair."

Meadow Lake Tribal Council Tribal Chief Eric Sylvestre said he and the other eight chiefs haven't taken a position on Lonechild's leadership, but would be monitoring events carefully and will participate in a later vote if due process is followed.

The nine chiefs also suggested their future with FSIN could potentially end over the controversy.

"At a later date, the MLFN chiefs may review the benefits of their membership in FSIN," Sylvestre said in a news release.

Lonechild attempted to get back into his office at FSIN headquarters in Saskatoon on Wednesday, but the locks had been changed and nobody would let him in.

He said he will challenge any move to remove him permanently.

Late Wednesday afternoon, FSIN vice-chief Morley Watson told reporters the planned assembly of chiefs would go ahead on Thursday, but whether a vote is held will be up to them.

Watson, who has assumed the role of acting FSIN chief during Lonechild's suspension, said FSIN will appeal Tuesday's Queen's Bench court decision.