'80s rockers headline at Memorial Cup

Hockey fans will get a taste of the 1980s with Loverboy and Harlequin set to take the stage at this year's Memorial Cup in Saskatoon.

Loverboy, Harlequin to take the stage at hockey championship in Saskatoon

FanFest Director Scott Ford says there are all sorts of events at this year's Memorial Cup. (David Shield, CBC)

Gentlemen, get out your hairspray.

The Memorial Cup has announced its lineup of bands performing at this year's FanFest, and it's a virtual who's-who of Canadian hair metal.

Loverboy, Nick Gilder & Sweeney Todd and Honeymoon Suite are some of the bands set to perform at the hockey championship's cabaret.

FanFest Director Scott Ford says the theme isn't a coincidence.

"People want to go to those [bands]," he said. "They want to be with their friends, they want to know the songs, they want to be able to dance to the music."

There are also other activities planned. Saskatchewan-born hockey legends like Wendel Clark, Bryan Trottier, Berne Federko and Brent Ashton will be telling tales of NHL glory at a nightly event called the Hot Stove Lounge. As well, a Hockey Hall of Fame exhibit will focus on notable events from the Canadian Hockey League.

"The most important event is, of course, the Mastercard Memorial Cup — the hockey championships," Ford said. "But what our committee wanted to do is create a real great social element that happens before and after the great hockey tournament." 

As the host team, the Saskatoon Blades will also compete in the tournament, which gets underway May 16.

With files by David Shield