Thursday will mark eight years since Tamra Keepness went missing and Regina police continue to investigate her disappearance.


Tamra Keepness was only five years old when she disappeared from her Regina home in 2004.

The five-year-old girl was reported missing on July 6, 2004 from her home on the 1800 block of Ottawa St., east of downtown Regina.

Her disappearance led to the biggest police search in Regina's history, with hundreds of officers and volunteers combing the streets and back alleys looking for clues.

The adults who were looking after Keepness and her five siblings have admitted they were all drinking heavily the night she went missing. 

Keepness' mother has also said she left the kids alone in the house for several hours that night.

Police have said they believe not every person that came into contact with Keepness that night has been forthcoming with what they know, but the family has denied those allegations.

A year after her disappearance, a six-person team of detectives was assigned to the case to take a fresh look at all the evidence.

Police said they've received thousands of tips and have conducted hundreds of interviews, but in the past eight years they have not made an arrest or found evidence to explain how the little girl may have gone missing.

Keepness would be 13 years old this year.  Police are asking anyone with information to contact them.

A reward of $25,000 dollars is still being offered to anyone who can help police find the girl.