Hockey history was made in Rosetown, Sask., on Friday night — and Saturday morning — when two groups of teenage girls played a game that went into eight overtime periods and lasted almost 200 minutes.

It is believed to be the longest game ever played in Saskatchewan.

'I was wearing down pretty good.' - Elrose Aces goalie Jan McDonald

The Elrose Aces and the Rosetown Red Wings took to the ice around 5:30 p.m. CT Friday and didn't finish until midnight.

The teams were scoreless after three regulation periods, sending the game into overtime.

The goalies kept every shot out, however, as the game extended into double overtime and triple overtime and beyond.

skpic rosetown and elrose

The game started early Friday evening and did not end until early Saturday morning. (Courtesy Rosetown Eagle)

Finally, in the 8th OT, with 12:23 left on the clock, Elrose's Kaylee Wickenheiser (a distant relative of Hayley) scored.

The 1-0 game had lasted just under 198 minutes.

"Considering it was six and a half hours of hockey, I was wearing down pretty good," Elrose goalie Jan McDonald, 15, told CBC News Monday. "I think we all were."

She said everyone was anxious for the game to be over.

"We would be so close to getting a goal but it just wouldn't sneak in," she said. "I was just freaking out at my end getting so close and then the overtime would end and we would have to do another."

Darrell Kerr, an assistant coach with Rosetown, said the coaches did their best to to keep the girls' energy up, feeding them fruit, chocolate bars and sports drinks in between overtime periods. 

Several hours into the game, they were running out of motivational speeches.

"After four or five or six overtime periods, you couldn't say anything to them any more," Kerr said. "It was just laugh and keep going kind of thing."

It was a tough loss for Rosetown, but on the other hand there was history made, Kerr said.

"It stung a little bit but pretty much all of the girls woke up Saturday and realized what they had done," he said.

The teams compete in the Midget A ranks of the North Sask Female Hockey League.

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With files from Eric Anderson