7 people charged with murder in Regina man's death

Police in Regina have charged seven people with first-degree murder after finding the body of a 54-year-old man Saturday morning.

2 teens, 5 men charged with 1st-degree murder set to appear in court Monday

Regina police on the 1600 block of Toronto Street early Friday morning. (Lauren Golosky/CBC)

Police in Regina have charged seven people with first degree murder after finding the body of a 54-year-old man Saturday morning in a rural area north east of the city. Shawn Roderick Douglas is believed to have been killed and left there.  

This investigation goes back to Thursday morning when police were dispatched to the 200 block of Quebec Street. It was reported that a non-responsive person was being put into a vehicle. When police arrived, the vehicles were gone.

Regina police were also on the 1600 block of Toronto Street, where officers found evidence connected to the events on Quebec Street. 

Officers held the scene on Toronto Street Friday but remained tight-lipped about what they believed had happened. They asked anyone with more information about a crime that may have happened there late Wednesday or early Thursday to contact police, but did not say anything about the nature of the crime.

Officers searched an area northeast of the city Saturday morning using a police dog unit. They found Douglas there and arrested five men and two teenage boys, 16 and 17, the same day. 

All seven have been charged with first degree murder. 

The five adult men charged include Aiden James Anaquod, 18, Johnathon Nelson Peepeetch, 23, Joshua Duane Wilson, 24, Michael Shane McNab, 30, and Dennis Calvin Thompson, 32. The two boys under 18 are not old enough for police to release their names to the public. All seven accused are from Regina. 

They are expected to appear in court Monday. The two minors will be in youth court.