7 months pregnant wife sends husband to World Cup

A Regina man is on his way to Brazil for 5 World Cup matches, despite his pregnant wife's upcoming due date.

Regina man on way to Brazil despite wife's looming due date

Rafael McRaven will be returning to Regina from his trip to Brazil just in time for his wife's due date. (CBC)

The first match of the World Cup is days away and one Regina man says he won't miss it for anything— not even the birth of his first child.

Rafael McRaven has purchased tickets to five matches and is headed for Brazil.

However, there is one small detail that could affect his plans. McRaven's wife is seven months pregnant.

"Although full of guilt, I did have the conversation with her that I really want to go and would like her blessing," said McRaven, "And she knew this was the trip of a lifetime, so she said 'if you want to do this, do it.'"

The baby is due a few weeks after McRaven gets back to Canada, so he likely won't actually miss the birth.

He said it is going to be a rush to get prepared for the baby's arrival once he returns from Brazil.

"It's going to be pretty full for two weeks and then come back and its a race to get ready for the baby."

McRaven said that means getting a room ready and stocking up on necessities like diapers.

"This is new to me— never been to a World Cup, never had a baby," said McRaven.

CBC will carry full coverage of the games beginning Thursday on CBC Television and on the World Cup smart phone app.


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