7 accused in Regina murder appear in court

Five adults and two teenagers appeared in court Monday on first-degree murder charges after the body of 54-year-old Shawn Roderick Douglas was found in an area northeast of Regina.

Police say it's the greatest number of people charged with a single murder that they can recall

As part of a criminal investigation, police held this house at the 1600 block of Toronto early Friday morning. (Lauren Golosky/CBC)

Seven people who were arrested this weekend in Regina's fifth homicide of the year appeared in provincial court Monday morning.

Police say it's the greatest number of people charged with a single murder that they can recall.    

Five adults and two teenagers have been charged with first-degree murder in the death of 54-year-old Shawn Roderick Douglas.

It took several days for police to gather enough information to make the arrests.

Criminal Investigation launched

Last Thursday, police reported a criminal investigation was underway at two homes in Regina after an incident overnight Wednesday.  

Police were first dispatched to a house at the the 200 block of Quebec Street North. It was reported that a non-responsive person was being put into a vehicle. When police arrived, the vehicles were gone.

A house on the 1600 block of Toronto Street was also being criminally investigated in relation to the first crime scene. Police were searching for what they were calling 'a victim of crime,' though they had not located a body and had very little information.

On Saturday morning, police used a dog unit to search an area northeast of the city, where they found the body of Shawn Roderick Douglas.

The five adult men charged with first-degree murder are Aiden James Anaquod, 18, Johnathon Nelson Peepeetch, 23, Joshua Duane Wilson, 24, Michael Shane McNab, 30, and Dennis Calvin Thompson, 32. The other two suspects are under-age and police have not released their names to the public. They are all from Regina.

After Anaquod made his appearance Monday morning, one woman sobbed and left the courtroom.

Police: most people charged in one murder in recent memory

Police said Monday this is the first case in recent memory where seven people are co-accused with first-degree murder. According to Regina Police Spokesperson Elizabeth Popowich there was a case in 2004 where there were six co-accused with first-degree murder, as well as an incident in 2001 where five people were accused with first-degree murder.

All seven co-accused had their cases adjourned. Anaquod, Peepeetch, McNab and the two teens will be back in court next week.  Thompson and Wilson will appear in court again in two weeks time.

They've all been prohibited from communicating with one another or with the family of the victim.

With files from CBC's Adam Hunter