Happy Mother's Day text

There were more than 10 times as many text messages sent as long distance phone calls made on Mother's Day, SaskTel says. (CBC)

SaskTel's Mother's Day numbers are in and it appears lots of us are recognizing Mom's big day with a text message.

According to the provincially owned phone company, there were 5.8 million texts received by SaskTel customers on Sunday.

That's about 900,000 more texts than were received the previous Sunday.

On the other hand, the number of long distance phone calls has dropped every year since 2006, coming in at about 507,000 on Sunday.

SaskTel spokeswoman Tara Tibeau said there are likely several explanations, including the growth of alternative means of communications, including Skype (which lets you see the person you're calling), emails and, of course, text messages.

For those who might be appalled that people are sending 27-character messages in lieu of flowers, Tibeau says they don't have to worry.

The big surge in text messages on Mother's Day is probably a reflection of people simply being more active on that day — with flowers, brunches and family get-togethers, for instance — and not a case of just a single text being sent to Mom, she says.