A Regina woman says she was caught off guard when she received notice of a 63 per cent hike in her rent, effective in August.

Gabrielle Patterson told CBC News Friday that she learned her monthly rent, for a two-bedroom apartment that she shares with a roommate, will rise to $1,100 from $675.


People who live in this Regina apartment received notice of a steep jump in their monthly rents. (CBC)


Gabrielle Patterson says she is facing a jump in rent from $675 to $1,100 per month, for her and her roommate who share a two-bedroom apartment in Regina. (CBC)

She said other tenants in her building were given the same news. In one case, she said, a single bedroom unit was increasing to $1,100 per month from $625.

"Somebody can come and give me a piece of paper that says in six months you have to drastically increase your earnings or you have to get out," Patterson said. "And there's nothing that can be done about it."

According to the provincial Office of Residential Tenancies, the rent increase is allowable -- so long as the notice is six months.

Patterson may be able to challenge the length of notice she received, but otherwise the hike is legal.

A spokesperson at the Office of Residential Tenancies told CBC News that the jump is the highest single hike they have ever encountered.