A 23-year-old man was arrested as he left his home in Vernon, B.C., on Wednesday afternoon and is accused of being involved in a multimillion-dollar cocaine run across Western Canada.

The man's arrest follows the discovery of an estimated 151 kilograms of cocaine police say was stashed inside a 2010 Ford Fusion that was on the Trans-Canada Highway two weeks ago making its way west.

The vehicle was stopped for a traffic infraction just outside Swift Current, Sask., on March 26.

The discovery of drugs led to the arrest of the driver and lone occupant of the car, Troy Swanson, 23, also from Vernon, B.C.

Swanson's co-accused is Brock Ernest Palfrey, police said in release issued Thursday.

Swanson has already made one court appearance in Saskatchewan. Police said Palfrey will be taken to Saskatchewan for his court matters.

Both men face a variety of drug-related charges.

Police added that three homes in the Vernon area were searched as part of their investigation on Wednesday. They said they found three firearms and a large amount of cash.

Police said the case involved officers working in B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan.