More than $5,000 has been raised in three days to help a blind Regina cat known as Oracle.

A few weeks ago, someone found the kitten alone and shivering outside and brought it to the Regina Humane Society shelter.

A veterinarian determined the orange longhair had a condition called microphthalmia — meaning she has non-functioning eyes that are so small, it appears she has no eyes at all. 

Oracle blind kitten Regina

Oracle is a feral cat, but staff at the Regina Humane Society believe with proper care, she will be ready for adoption. (Submitted by Regina Humane Society )

Staff gave her the name Oracle.

While restoring her sight is not possible, she needs surgery to remove her useless eyes to avoid continuous infections.

The money will also be used for aftercare as the little kitten is prepared for an adoptive home.

Several people have already come forward and said they would like to adopt her.

The extra money beyond the $4,000 will be used to help other animals at the shelter who need extraordinary care, the Humane Society says.