500-plus workers earning 6-figure salaries at City of Regina

523 employees at the city are making $100,000 or more. Members of the police service account for more than half of those salaries.

523 employees took home $100,000 or more last year

The City of Regina has released its list of employee salaries for 2013.

523 employees were paid $100,000 or more in 2013. That is nine fewer than last year.

City salaries and benefits made up $139 million of the 2013 operating budget.

This year, the cost of salaries and benefits is expected to jump nearly $6 million.

Salaries and benefits are the largest portion of the operating and capital budgets.

Three employees at city hall made more than $200,000 in 2013.

City Manager, Glenn Davies, made the top salary in 2013 at $299, 376.

Brent Sjoberg, deputy city manager and chief operating officer, took in $245,603 plus additional expenses.

The third highest salary was earned by the executive director of the legal department, Byron Werry, who made $202,690.

The Mayor of Regina, Michael Fougere, made $106,680.  The base salaries for the city's 12 councillors is $35,697.

Regina's mayor and council salaries are tied to the premier and MLA's salaries. The mayor makes 77.3 per cent of a cabinet minister's pay and council receives one third of what the mayor makes.

The premier and MLA's received a 1.5 per cent wage increase in April of this year. That increase will take effect for Regina's mayor and council in January of 2015, when their salaries are reviewed.  However, they will still be paid less than their Saskatoon counterparts. 

In 2012, Saskatoon Mayor Don Atchison made about $114,000 in 2012.  Councillors in that city received annual salaries of $52,000.

Regina Police Service salaries make up a large portion of the city's 2013 budget for salaries.

Of the more than 500 city employees who make six-figure salaries, more than half were members of the police service.

In 2013, 264 members of the police made $100,000 or more, compared to 183 in 2012.

Chief of Police, Troy Hagen made $235,830 in 2013. Deputy Chief of Police Robert Morin made $206,752.

Firefighters are on the higher end of the salary list as well.

The chief of Regina Fire and Protective Services, Richard McCullough earned $165,854.

When it comes to the lower end of the salaries, irrigation workers, cleaners and foresters make around $52,000.

Bus drivers were listed as making between $51,000 to $91, 000.

City of Regina 2014 Salaries:

  • Glenn Davies, city manager - $299,376
  • Brent Sjoberg, deputy city manager and chief operating officer - $245,603
  • Byron Werry, executive director of legal - $202,690
  • Troy Hagen, police chief - $235,830
  • Richard McCullough, fire chief - $165,854
  • Michael Fougere, mayor - $106,680


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