As people in Saskatchewan say goodbye to 2012, they might be looking ahead to what's changing in the new year.

Here are five things coming down the pike in 2013:


Homeowners in Saskatoon will pay 5 per cent more property tax, although because 2013 is a reassessment year, some could pay more and some less.

Regina hasn't set its mill rate yet, but an increase is likely. It's expected 2013 will be the first year Regina residents will be charged a stadium tax to pay for the planned, new $278 million facility.


People in Saskatoon and Regina can expect curbside recycling programs to start rolling out. In Regina, homeowners will be charged $91.25 a year while in Saskatoon, the fee will be $55.92 a year.

Until now, people had to go to the private sector for recycling services, but it was optional. Fees for the new curbside programs run by cities are mandatory.


Starting on New Year's Day, it will cost 4.9 per cent more to light your home. SaskPower says the increase, approved by cabinet last month, will cost residential homeowners between $4 and $6 extra a month.

It's the first power rate hike since August, 2010.


Late in the fall, the Saskatchewan government announced a host of proposed changes to its liquor laws — including loosening the rules on stripping in bars.

Many of the changes will require changes to the regulations, so they won't come into effect until provincial politicians return to the legislature in the spring.

Patrons should be able to drink wine in a spa or grab a beer at certain movie theatres.

The changes will also allow striptease shows in licensed establishments as long as it's partial nudity — the dancers will have to wear "pasties."


A big change comes in May, when the phone system switches to 10-digit dialing for local calls.

As the phone system runs out of 306 area code numbers, some new customers will get a new area code: 639.