Five of the NDP's nine members who won election to the provincial legislature say they are considering running for the job of party leader.

Officials with the Saskatchewan New Democratic Party will set the rules for its leadership race on Saturday.

Saskatoon MLA Cathy Sproule told CBC News she will consider the party leadership position, but will not make a decision about running until after the spring sitting of the legislature.

"I just need to see how I fit in in the whole scheme," Sproule said. "I'm the rookie so I need to figure out what's going on. I'll see at the end of this session how I feel about it."

She added she will also be consulting with friends and family.

Buckley Belanger, a longtime NDP MLA representing northern Saskatchewan, said he is considering a run for leader.

Belanger, who is M├ętis, has run in the past for the party leadership and said it it got aboriginal people excited about politics.

"If one of us aspires to be a leader, then I think that'll prompt a lot of discussion, it'll prompt a lot of thought and in a long way I think it will empower a lot of aboriginal people to think about politics and to think about the possibilities," Belanger said.

Also considering a run for the leadership, from the NDP caucus, are:

  • Trent Wotherspoon.
  • Danielle Chartier.
  • Cam Broten.

Current leader John Nilson has said he will not seek the job on a permanent basis.

CBC News also spoke to the remaining caucus members who said they are not considering the leadership job.

They are:

  • Warren McCall.
  • Doyle Vermette.
  • David Forbes.

The most recent NDP leadership contest, which led to Dwain Lingenfelter winning the position, included some controversy over how party memberships were handled.

Lingenfelter, who failed to win election in the fall vote, immediately stepped down.

The party said a group of some 150 NDP officials will meet to determine how the leadership contest will be done.

The options include a delegate system, where designated party members meet at a leadership convention, or a voting system involving all party members, known as a one-member, one vote system.

The two previous two leadership votes were conducted using one member, one vote.

With files from CBC's Stefani Langenegger