As big crowds turned out to see Reba McEntire and other country stars at Craven, Sask., on the weekend, a smaller group was filling up local jails.

RCMP said44 people were detained in cells during the fourdays of the Craven Country Music Jamboree, which wrapped up Sunday.

More than 23,000 people showed up for the final day of the festival, the largest annual event of its kind in Saskatchewan.

RCMP were kept busy investigating numerous complaints and handing out tickets for alcohol-related offences, most for having open liquor in vehicles and for public consumption of alcohol.

There was a small number of serious incidents reported:five assaults, two assaults with a weapon, four sexual assaults, seven thefts andone break and enter.

As well,10 people were arrested for impaired driving.

Numerous minor assaults were also reported, mainly involving people being hit with beer bottles and liquor containers.

Many of the44 people detained in RCMP cells were arrested for fighting, the RCMP said.