Saskatchewan bravery awards were given out Monday and among the heroes being honoured was a group of men that pulled Amy Baudot, 29, from her burning car on Regina's Ring Road.

Kyle Parker, 23, was among them that day in May 2012. The off-duty emergency medical technician had been driving by with a group of friends when they came across the crash.

Seeing a woman was trapped inside her burning car, they leaped into action.

"My brother got the fire extinguisher out of my boat," Parker told CBC News. "He'd kind of dealt with the fire ... as I kind of reached in. We cut her seat belt off, lowered her down and one of the other gentlemen there helped pull her through the sun roof and we carried her away."

Parker used his paramedic training to help her once she was freed.

She suffering severe injuries, including a puncture lung, and is still recovering a year-and-a-half after the crash.

But the outcome could have been far worse, she said. She didn't end up paralyzed and she didn't burn to death or suffer severe burns.

She had high praise for Parker and the others who helped in the rescue.    

"He was calm, cool, collected and saved my life within a matter of minutes," she said. "He's a hero. Same with all of the other guys who helped."

Baudot and her mother hosted Kyle Parker and his brother for Thanksgiving to show their appreciation.

Parker, his brother Kurt, Travis Haukaas and Ryan Campbell were among the Saskatchewan people honoured with Royal Canadian Humane Association Bravery Awards at Government House in Regina on Monday.