Four people were taken to hospital Thursday following an explosion and fire at a home on the 800 block of Elphinstone Street in Regina, according to fire officials.

According to officials on the scene, two of the people required treatment for smoke inhalation. At least one other received minor injuries.

The fire department said they received nine 911 calls about an explosion and subsequent fire at the home. They responded with four fire trucks.

There was still smoke billowing out of the home around 5:45 p.m., although fire fighters had the situation under control. Streets in the area were cordoned off to allow emergency crews access to the site.

It is believed the fire started in the basement of the home. The cause was not immediately known.

skpic elphinstone house fire

Firefighters on the scene in the 800 block of Elphinstone in Regina. (CBC)

Firefighters said the cold weather did not hamper their efforts to put the fire out.