Camping is one of the many great ways to spend summer days in Saskatchewan. And it just got a little easier.

Gone are the days of sleeping on a sagging blow-up mattress and spending hours in the hot sun pitching an old canvas tent. And no more hauling heavy equipment to a remote camping spot.

Camping gear has gotten a high-tech upgrade in the last few years. From two-pound tents to space-blankets, here are some new options that make 'roughing-it' not so rough:

  1. Water Filtration: Forget the water pump at home. A handy filtration system like Gravity Works Water Filtration makes purifying lake water a lot less difficult. It works by filling a special bag with water and hanging it on a tree. The water drains through a filter and into the attached bag.  
    Gravity Works water filtration

    Trevor Norgan, assistant manager at Fresh Air Experience in Regina, demonstrates how the Gravity Works water filtration system works. (Sheila Coles/CBC)

  2. Luxury camping cot: A comfortable sleep is key to having a great day out in the wilderness. If you want to get really fancy, there are now luxury camping cots available. Aluminum stays prop the cot off the ground to give you a more comfortable sleep. 
    Camping cot

    Get a good night's sleep on your very own camping cot. (Sheila Coles/CBC)

  3. Space blanket camp cot: Sleep like Chris Hadfield. Camp mats are being made out of space blanket material. They are very light weight and compress down to fit inside a water bottle.
    Camping mat

    Sleep like an astronaut with this space-blanket camping mat that inflates on its own. (Sheila Coles/CBC)

  4. The two-pound tent: No more breaking your back hauling a heavy tent to your camp site. Now there are tents that weigh as little as two pounds. Colour-coded poles also make it easier to set up the tent and less likely to test your marriage. 
    Sheila models tent

    The Morning Editions Sheila Coles headed down to Fresh Air Experience in Regina to find out more about what's new in camping, like this two pound tent. (Trevor Norgan)