Railyards in Regina

Six of Saskatchewan's runaway train incidents over the past 13 years have happened in Regina. (Google Street View)

A CBC News investigation has shown that there have been 32 runaway train incidents in Saskatchewan over a 13-year span but none where anybody was hurt.

They are among the 459 runaway-related occurrences Canada-wide on a Transportation Safety Board database.

In Saskatchewan's case, the incidents did not result in injuries or dangerous goods being spilled.

Most of the Saskatchewan incidents involved one or two runaway cars, sometimes slamming into another set of cars that were changing tracks. 

The results included damage to other cars, some derailments, and in one case a damaged locomotive. In one Regina incident, a locomotive collided with a tanker car, seriously damaging it, although nothing leaked out.

The longest stretch of cars to randomly drift away happened in Eston in 2003.

In that incident, RCMP got a call that 100 cars were blocking a railway crossing. CN Rail found the cars had rolled away from where they were being stored and stopped, blocking the crossing.