Convicted stalker Gerald Klein served three years in prison for the criminal harassment of Cathy Kaip. ((File/CBC))

A man whospent years in prisonafter stalking a Regina woman for three decades hasbeen freedafter promising to stay away from the victim.

Gerald Klein, 59, was supposed to be released from custody last month after serving three years behind bars, but he refused to agree to a condition preventing him from contacting Cathy Kaip, the woman he had stalked.

On Thursday, Kleintold a Regina judgehe'll stay away from Kaip and members of her family. He also agreed to stay away from her house.

It's an interim deal that allows him to get out of jail.

The Crown wants a court order that would prohibit Klein from contacting his victim over a lengthyperiod.

If Klein violated such an order, he could find himself back in jail.

So far, the court hasn't had a hearing on the Crown's application because Klein doesn't have a lawyer.

BeforeKlein was sentenced for criminal harassment in 2003, court heard he had been botheringKaip with lawsuits and unwanted letters and phone calls since he had met her at a wedding in 1974.