A Regina man was sentenced Monday to three years in prison for stalking a woman for nearly 30 years.

For three decades, 56-year-old Gerald James Klein just wouldn't take 'no' for an answer.

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The object of his attention is 47-year-old Cathy Kaip, who has been spurning his advances since she was 17.

Klein was convicted of criminal harassment and breaching a court order to not contact the victim.

She told court that when she met Klein at a wedding in 1974 she made it clear she wouldn't consider marrying him.

Court was also told that the harassment escalated when she became engaged to another man, and told Klein she didn't want to see him anymore.

Cathy Kaip told CBC Radio this is not over for her yet, but she hopes to put it behind her someday.

Meanwhile, Klein is expected to be back in court on Tuesday, asking for bail while he appeals his conviction.