About 30 homes in Regina are without water because of frozen pipes — and that's just one problem at the tail end of a particularly harsh winter.

The City of Regina says the frost has gone so deep into the ground this year that pipes are freezing, preventing water from flowing.

The city says most of the frozen pipes are on the homeowner's side of the property. It has hired contractors to check things out and try to fix them.

The frost this year goes as deep as 2.2 metres, something that hasn't happened in decades, the city says.

The deep freeze, which finally broke on the weekend with mild temperatures,  has also caused a lot of leaks from water mains.

There are still 58 leaks spread out across the city this morning, although none are affecting water service, according to the city.
In cases where people are without water due to a leak, crews have been responding within 24 hours, the city says.