30 homes still without water in Regina due to frozen lines

The City of Regina says there are still 30 home without water due to frozen water lines.

The City of Regina says there are still 30 home without water due to frozen water lines. 

Workers will be trying to thaw out seven of the frozen lines Tuesday. It doesn't seem like much has changed since last week, when the same number of homes were reported without water. 

In a previous release the City said the frost has gone into the ground deeper than usual this year, freezing pipes and preventing water from flowing. The frost goes as deep as 2.2 metres, something that hasn't happened in decades, the City said. 

The City said Regina residents could try to thaw frozen lines by opening their taps and using a hair dryer or space heater to warm the water connection where it enters their home. 

If none of those options work, it's suggested that people call a private contractor to thaw the line. The City said it will reimburse people with invoices if the water line is frozen on Regina side of the property. 

Currently 17 out of the frozen lines are on the city's side. Crews are working in priority sequence to fix all the water problems in Regina.

People are asked to contact the City right away at 306-777-7000 if they are without water to ensure service will be restored as quickly as possible.

Record number of water leaks this year

With the deep freeze breaking last week, the mild temperatures have also caused a lot of leaks from water mains.

There have been twice as many water leaks this year than usual, the city said. 

There are 55 running leaks throughout the city, with crews working to repair six of those on Tuesday as well.