It has been three years since police found the bodies of a Burmese couple and their son in a north end Regina home, but investigators say they're confident they'll find answers.

No arrests have been made in the deaths of Gray Nay Htoo, his wife Maw Maw and their three-year-old Seven June. The family were recent refugees from Burma.

"It has affected the entire community," Bob Morin, acting police chief in Regina, said Friday. "It affected our police service, it affected the community as a whole. It's a tragic event and we will solve it."

Staff Sgt. John Walker said the case stands out for him because of its complexity.

"Short of the Tamra Keepness investigation this is the most difficult investigation I've been involved with," said Walker, in reference to another unsolved Regina case, the 2004 disappearance of five-year-old Tamra Keepness.


The bodies of Gray Nay Htoo, his wife Maw Maw and their son, Seven June, were found in this townhouse at 323 Oakview Drive on Aug. 6, 2010. (CBC )

He added that four officers are still assigned to work full-time on the Htoo family case and officers are still receiving tips.

"We're regularly receiving information in the investigation and those tips are followed up to determine if they're unfounded, or if they lead us to some possible directions on the investigation," said Walker.

He said people have been in custody for questioning and even arrested at different points, but they've all been let go.

People with any information about this case are being asked to contact police.