A few details are beginning to emerge about the night a man was shot and killed by an RCMP officer in Holdfast, Sask.

Police said they went to a house in the village around 10 p.m. CST Wednesday night while conducting a criminal investigation.

Shooting happened at Holdfast home

Police were called to a home in Holdfast, Sask., Wednesday night as part of a Criminal Code investigation. There was a confrontation with a resident, police shot the man and he died. (Google Street View)

There was a physical altercation between an officer and a 42-year old man, whose name police haven't released. 

Then the man was shot by an officer and died at the scene.

CBC News has been told the man had moved to Holdfast seven years ago from eastern Canada and had been making a living driving trucks for several firms.

Holdfast mayor Todd Thauberger said there were reports in the village about some arguing and three shots were fired.

He said he received a call from emergency officials to prepare for the arrival of a helicopter.

"So I guess he was alive for a while because they called for STARS ambulance to come and they needed a place to land," Thauberger said.

"That's why they wanted the fire chief there — for permission to land. When [the chief] got there, they called it off. So I guess [the 42-year-old man] had passed at that time."

The investigation into the shooting has been turned over to the Regina Police Service.

The RCMP has not identified the officer or released details about the confrontation that ended in the shooting, saying the case is now in the hands of Regina police. 

Holdfast is about 100 kilometres northwest of Regina.