skpic dr. denise werker

Saskatchewan's Deputy Chief Medical Health Officer says six people have died with the flu, although other medical conditions were present or likely present in all cases. (CBC)

Three more people have died after contracting influenza in Saskatchewan.

That brings to six the number of people who have died this flu season, health officials said Tuesday.

Of the new cases, two involved people over the age of 65. The third was an adult man.

Flu related deaths

2013-14: 6

2012-13: 3 

2011-12: 5 

2010-11: 5

2009-10: 15 

Source: Saskatchewan Health Ministry

Saskatchewan's Deputy Chief Medical Health Officer, Dr. Denise Werker, told CBC News the man who died had another underlying health condition. She added that, while not yet confirmed, it is likely the seniors may have had other health issues.

As such, it is not known exactly what role the flu played in any of the six deaths.

As of Tuesday, there have been 336 confirmed cases of influenza in Saskatchewan this winter and health officials are encouraging people to get a flu shot.

A strain of flu known as H1N1 has been the most common flu this season.

Last week, officials said two children and an adult with pre-existing health problems died after getting sick with flu.