Witness says he's scared to see Shawn Douglas's accused killers

An eyewitness says seeing three men kill Shawn Douglas northeast of Regina in 2014 has opened his eyes to what they are capable of.

Aiden Anaquod says he witnessed 3 men kill Douglas in Regina in 2014

From left: Johnathon Peepeetch, Dennis Thompson and Joshua Wilson leave the Regina Queen's Bench courthouse. (CBC News)

An eyewitness says seeing three men kill Shawn Douglas northeast of Regina in 2014 has opened his eyes to what they are capable of.

The trial of the three, charged with first-degree murder in the death of the 54-year-old pipefitter, continued Monday with the court hearing from Aiden Anaquod.

Anaquod, who said he witnessed Joshua Wilson, 26, Johnathon Peepeetch, 26, and Dennis Thompson, 35, beat Douglas to death, stood before the court for a third day.

He is awaiting his own trial in connection with the death of Douglas, whose body was found in the bushes off a grid road  northeast of the city.

On Monday, the Crown witness was cross examined by the three defence lawyers in the case.

Shared gang history

Court heard that at the time of Douglas's killing, Anaquod was in the Native Syndicate gang along with Wilson, who he said recruited him.

Anaquod said Wilson was like a "big brother" to him, whom he had known for eight years.

Shortly after Douglas's death, Anaquod said he left Native Syndicate. 
"That gang despises me," Anaquod said. "The only rule [of the gang] is not to be doing what I'm doing now. They would call that snitching." 
Anaquod said he's not scared of jail but he is afraid of seeing Wilson and the other two accused if they are found guilty.
"I know what they're capable of now." 
Anaquod said he didn't think Douglas was going to be killed until it happened. Leading up to the killing, he said, he thought the plan was to go to Douglas's farm to rob him and then to let him go.
The group took Douglas outside of Regina and into the bushes along the side of a grid road. Even then, Anaquod said, he thought they were letting him go.

'Shocking' hit to the head

The 21-year-old told the court he didn't hurt or rob the 54-year-old man, but said he saw Johnathon Peepeetch hit Douglas in the head with a sledgehammer, killing him on the spot. 
This was something he said shocked him.
"I believe he died instantly," he said.
The witness said he never overheard a plan to kill Douglas at any point.
Anaquod told court he didn't put Douglas's body in the trunk of a car in front of a home on Quebec Street after he was killed. He later went back on that when the defence showed him his earlier statement from August 2014 in which he admitted to helping put Douglas in the trunk.
Douglas's body was found Aug. 9, 2014, two days after he went missing after a party on the 1600 block of Toronto St.

CBC's Adam Hunter was tweeting live from the courtroom.

With files from Adam Hunter and Creeden Martell