Fire destroyed a partially built home in the Stonebridge neighbourhood on Thursday. ((Dan Zakreski))

Fire ripped through three houses in the south end of Saskatoon on Thursday morning.

Fire officials said they received a call at 10:25 a.m. CST about a fire at 211 McBeth Cres.



Fire officials said the middle house of the three that were on fire burned quickly and could not be saved. ((Dan Zakreski/CBC))

The homes in the Stonebridge neighbourhood were under construction and were not occupied.

When fire crews arrived, that house and two houses on either side were completely ablaze.

There was "very little inherent fire protection," resulting in a very fast burn, the fire department said.  

The fire was under control before 11 a.m., but by that time the centre house had been reduced to rubble.  

Crews continued to pour water on hot spots. No one was injured.

Officials haven't determined what caused the fire.

The damage is estimated at around $650,000, the fire department said.