It's been a long time coming, but cheery, warm, honest-to-goodness, springlike weather is finally here.

In fact, a few communities around Saskatchewan could see 20 C Tuesday afternoon.

The winter saw a higher-than-normal number of days with the temperature below -30. Then came a slow melt.

But that's all in our rear view mirror now with Regina and Saskatoon hitting the mid-teens, according to CBC Saskatchewan weather specialist Farah Singh.

The last time either Regina or Saskatoon saw highs like this was in October. 

Elsewhere in the province, temperatures are forecast to range from 15 to 22. 

This time last year, Regina still had 35 centimetres of snow on the ground and a high of -8. Saskatoon was about the same.

Meanwhile, anyone waiting for a long stretch of summer-like conditions is going to have to wait.

Saskatchewan is expected to cool off slightly in the days ahead.