Downtown business owners say the creation of more two-way streets, undertaken as part of a Regina revitalization plan, is making their stores less accessible. 

"It's been pretty disruptive so far," said Noel Went, manager of The Tiki Room, a downtown skateshop. "Every single person who comes in here has complained about less access. We had basically zero consultation."

Regina converted some of its downtown one-way thoroughfares to two-way streets Sunday, partly to slow traffic and make it easier for motorists to get around.

City officials said 11th Avenue, 12th Avenue and the 1800 blocks of Lorne and Cornwall streets have been changed.

Traffic cones will be placed on the affected roadways for two weeks to remind motorists of the two-way traffic flow, the city said.

"We ask drivers and pedestrians to take caution and to watch for new traffic signals, signs and pavement markings to ensure a safe transition," said Tom O'Connell, manager of traffic control.

Regina Transit users will still be able to catch west- and east-bound buses on 11th Avenue, but the transit transfer station on 11th Avenue will be moved to Smith Street and 12th Avenue.

City officials will be stationed downtown to help motorists and transit users during the transition.

Vic Singh, president of Co-op Cabs, said it will take time for motorists to familiarize themselves with the new rules.

"First week will be pretty hard, because people are not used to it," he said. "[For] so many years they've been one-way streets.