yellow creek, sask

Fire investigators are waiting to check inside a burned-out home in the Wakaw, Sask., area for two people who may have been inside.

Crews were dispatched to the home, south of Yellow Creek, at 10:30 a.m. CST Thursday.

They found the house had been destroyed in a fire, and two residents — a man and a woman — were missing.

"It was still engulfed," RCMP Sgt. Deon Marquis told CBC News later Thursday. "It's too hot for us to get in to examine the rubble that's there."

Debbie Dutka was worried for two relatives who may have died in the fire.

"The whole community is very numb," she added. "It's quite tragic. Everyone is in shock."

People in the community told CBC News the woman who lived in the house was a school bus driver.

"She drove the kids," Iris Fleming said. "[She] didn't show up this morning."

The house is in a rural area that is relatively isolated.

RCMP have been talking to neighbors kilometres away, hoping to find out what happened.

A fire investigator and other officials are hoping to get a closer look at the site, and may have more information to release on Thursday.