It may sound like a scene from an action movie, flying a helicopter and shooting wild animals on the ground, but it's going to cost two Saskatchewan men a total of $21,000. 

Erick and Jan Alsager have been convicted under Saskatchewan's wildlife regulations for shooting coyotes from a helicopter southeast of Maidstone. 

Erick Alsager was also found guilty of obstruction of a peace officer. In addition to the fine, he's been suspended from hunting for a year. Jan Alsager received a two year hunting suspension. 

The men were charged after the Ministry of Environment launched an investigation in January of 2012 following a tip that the duo were shooting animals from an aircraft. 

“Most hunters in Saskatchewan respect hunting laws, which are intended to protect and preserve our natural resources,” said Kevin Callele, executive director with the Ministry of Environment's Compliance and Field Services in a press release. 

“Unfortunately, there are some who try to get around the system. This issue not only concerns Saskatchewan’s valuable fish and wildlife resource, but it also concerns public safety," he said. "Shooting from a helicopter is illegal from a wildlife perspective and incredibly dangerous to other humans on the ground.”