A sixty-four-year-old Saskatoon cyclist died Wednesday when struck by a car during what police say was a case of street racing. ((CBC))

Two men accused of street racing and causing the death of a Saskatoon cyclist in a hit-and-run were released from custody after appearing in provincial court Thursday morning.

Mitchell Rebryna, 20, was charged with criminal negligence in the death of Barry Grosse, 64, early Wednesday. Rebryna was arrested a few hours after the incident.

Police said the driver of a red Trans Am car hit Grosse during a race down Saskatoon's Eighth Street at about 2:50 a.m. The second car was believed to be a Mustang.

Kyle Bradley, arrested later Wednesday and charged with criminal negligence causing death, was also granted bail after making a court appearance Thursday morning. No age was provided, but police said Bradley is an adult.

The charges against Rebryna include fleeing the scene of an accident.


Two men have been charged with criminal negligence causing death, related to alleged street racing. ((CBC))

The victim's family said it wasn't unusual for Grosse to be out in the early hours cycling as it was one way he liked to exercise.

Alyson Edwards, a spokesperson for the Saskatoon police, said officers collected enough evidence to support charges linked to street racing.

"And we have more than one witness that has come forward to tell us that and our initial investigation does indicate that."

Police also found a car that had significant damage to the hood and windshield.

Police appealed Thursday for anyone who saw the incident or who may have video of what happened to come forward.


Police in Saskatoon continue to investigate alleged street racing in which a cyclist was killed. ((CBC))

Police also asked businesses along Eighth Street that have surveillance cameras to check their tapes starting from 2:48 a.m. Wednesday.