Advance Engineered plant in Saskatoon

The Grain Services Union it has been told the Advance Engineered plant in Saskatoon, shown here, will close, resulting in the loss of 49 jobs. Another 79 jobs will be cut in Regina. (Google Street View)

A Saskatchewan company that makes tank trucks and trailers has told 127 Saskatchewan workers their jobs are being eliminated.

The Grain Services Union, which represents the workers, says Advance Engineered Products gave notice March 19 that it intends to lay off or terminate the employment of 78 workers at its Regina production facility.

It also plans to close its Saskatoon plant, resulting in another 49 people losing their jobs.

The union says it has advised the employer that it must comply with section 43 of the Saskatchewan Trade Union Act, which requires 90 days' notice.

The legislation also requires bargaining for a workplace adjustment plan, GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner said.   

The company was founded in Regina 30 years ago. It has since expanded to 14 locations across Canada.