Who better to tell us about must-read Saskatchewan books than the guy who actually wrote the book on literary history in Saskatchewan?

David Carpenter's new book The Literary History of Saskatchewan Volume Two: Progressions is out. We asked him to come up with a list of must-read Saskatchewan books. He's picked five timeless classics and five recently published books. We asked him to write a tweet-length description.

Timeless Classics

The Lamp at Noon

Sinclair Ross

This is the prairie as it was, not what you wish it was.

Who Has Seen the Wind

W.O. Mitchell

The perfect antidote to Sinclair Ross. Lyrical prose, deeply felt sentiment, great humour.

The Perfection of the Morning

Sharon Butala

This is the romance of the ranching world, except it really happened.

The Last Crossing

Guy Vanderhaeghe

This novel is Saskatchewan's greatest epic, a gritty 19th C. odyssey through the Great Sandhills.

The Road Allowance People

Maria Campbell

These stories get us right inside the tribal consciousness of our M├ętis.

Recently Published

A Geography of Blood

Candace Savage

This is a travel story through the awakening conscience of the writer, who finds a Heart of Darkness in her own backyard.

Waiting for Joe

Sandra Birdsell

This novel is a harrowing but deeply compassionate story about people who find themselves on the edge.

A Good Man

Guy Vanderhaeghe

Guy Vanderhaeghe's latest novel. A great adventure through late 19th century historical terrain, and a morally illuminating novel.

Cool Water

Dianne Warren

This episodic story about a SW SK community might rank some day as the great Saskatchewan novel.

Grass, Sky, Song

Trevor Herriot

Our prairie is all but gone, and with it, our collective spirituality. What's left of our prairie, and the angels that brighten it with their song, is worth fighting for.