There are fine dining opportunities aplenty in rural Saskatchewan, according to the Morning Edition's Eric Anderson.

In his audio segment, Anderson talks about several restaurants off the beaten track that foodies are seeking out.

And make sure to check out our restaurant map below.

According to Anderson, here are 10 restaurants where fine dining can be found ...

  1. The Harvest Eatery and Fresh Market – Shaunavon, Twitter:  @Chefrust
  2. Sprout Eatery – Pasquia Regional Park, Twitter: @SproutEatery
  3. Olive Tree Restaurant – 60 km north of Saskatoon on Hwy 12, 
  4. The Grotto  - Vibank, no website but a review here at the EverydayFoodie blog.
  5. Rabbit Hill Teahouse – Stewart Valley
  6. Hole In The Wall Restaurant – Shield
  7. The Star Café – Maple Creek,  Twitter: @Star32Pacific
  8. Howling Coyote Saloon – St. Denis 
  9. Rawhides Bar – Stenan 
  10. Terrace Dining Room – Broderick, Twitter: @Terrace2005

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Refined Rural Restaurants

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