10-digit dialing now mandatory in Sask.

Saturday is the first day 10-digit dialing becomes mandatory in the province.
When calling a local number it is now mandatory to dial the area code. (CBC )

The first person some people in Saskatchewan may have dialed up Saturday is a SaskTel employee.

And it's likely she didn't have good news.

"This call cannot be completed as dialed. Please hang up and redial using the area code."

That's the message people are now hearing if they forget to dial the 306 area code before a local number.

Saturday is the first day the switch to 10-digit dialing comes into effect.

Until now, people in the province heard a message about the new system, but calls still went through.

This means people who have numbers saved on speed-dial have to update them.

The province is running out of 306 numbers due to the recent population growth and increased cell-phone use.

A second area code — 639 — is being introduced at the end of May.