An examination of inspection reports by the CBC program Marketplace found that one in five fast food outlets in Regina were noted as having significant violations.

Marketplace looked at popular restaurant chains in several Canadian cities, including Regina. The restaurants included such fast food places as McDonald's and Subways to dining establishments like Moxie's and the Keg.

According to the program's findings 20 per cent of fast food restaurants inspected had a major health violation, including notations for a lack of hand washing by staff to bugs and mice in the kitchens.

Marketplace's investigation found that those sorts of health problems, across Canada, are the source of almost two million illnesses per year.

In some places, the health inspections uncovered repeat violations.

As an example, one Regina Wendy's restaurant has been cited twice for an unclean kitchen in the past two years. Officials from Wendy's said the infractions have been noted and the company has taken steps to fix things.