SIGA has shut down the ATMs at the Bear Claw Casino near Carlyle and the Living Sky Casino in Swift Current, shown here.

The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority says it has contacted police after alleging a company that supplies it with automated teller machines failed to pay back $1.2 million.

SIGA won't name the firm, but says the lost money is connected to ATMs at SIGA's casinos in Carlyle and Swift Current.

On Saturday, SIGA shut down the ATMs at both casinos after realizing the money was missing.

SIGA's chief executive officer, Zane Hansen, said in an interview it was the normal practice to load the machines with money from the casinos so patrons could make cash withdrawals.

The ATM company was supposed to reimburse SIGA through the banks.

However, $1.2 million that should have been turned back to SIGA in February and March was not, Hansen said.

"Once we were able to uncover that it wasn't a reporting discrepancy, that in fact we felt funds had been directed elsewhere that should have came back to our company, we uncovered that and then acted," he said.

SIGA wants to find out where the money has gone and has complained to Saskatoon city police, Hansen said.

SIGA staff were not involved in what happened, he said. No customers were affected, either, he said.

The company, which runs six casinos on behalf of Saskatchewan First Nations, says it is also reviewing its other ATM suppliers.