When it comes to owning guns in Canada, Saskatchewan and the northern territories are leading the way, according to a study by the Canadian Firearms Centre.

There is one gun for every person in the North and two guns for every five people in Saskatchewan.

In Atlantic Canada, there is one gun for every three residents. Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec all have the national average of one gun for every four people.

The study estimates that there are nearly eight million guns in Canada, up slightly from a previous estimate of seven million.

But Canadian Alliance MP Garry Breitkreuz disputed the numbers released by the firearms centre.

Breitkreuz, a vocal opponent of the firearms registry, said his own research suggests there are 16 million firearms in Canada.

He said the centre is trying to make the registration process look like a success by releasing a low estimate of the number of guns in Canada.

Firearms centre spokesman David Austin said the Alliance number of 16 million would mean that every other Canadian had a gun. He called the number "outrageous."