Sable pipeline company delays start-up

The Pipeline company scheduled to carry Sable gas to the United States has applied for a one-month delay in serving customers south of the border.

The Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline company has asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in Washington for permission to delay start-up.

Next Monday was the original date by which the Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline was supposed to start carrying Sable gas.

The thousand-kilometer pipeline is built and now being tested. But there's no Sable gas to flow through it.

John Sheridan of Maritimes and Northeast in Boston, says gas producers aren't ready, and are now promising gas will be available in December.

BUT the Sable project still has a number of final steps to take before gas flows from the first offshore wells. And there's another problem with transporting the gas.

A federal court has ordered the National Energy board to review the operating license it gave the pipeline. It questions whether the necessary agreement between the pipeline company and the Mi'kmaq was in place before it granted the license.

Maritimes and Northeast is now waiting for direction from government watchdogs on both sides of the border.