It was a day of dramatic testimony at the coroner's inquest examining the death of Jérôme Charron.

The owner of the bungee ride involved in Charron's accidental death at the Central Canada Exhibition testified Thursday.

Doug Anderson concedes he altered the equipment on the ride before the accident. He also says he personally checked the harness before the accident.

During the inquest a blue strap has been identified as the likely cause for the fatal accident that killed Charron.

An engineer for the inspection agency has already testified that the strap rendered the Rocket Launcher unsafe, and that he would never have approved it.

But Doug Anderson, the owner of the ride, testified Thursday that his own 'jump master,' the employee in charge of placing people into the harness of the ride, demanded this added extension cord.

Anderson told jurors it may have been easier for the 'jump master' to move people through without having to change the bungee each time to adjust for weight differences.

Anderson says he asked the designer of the Rocket Launcher if this was a reasonable addition to the ride. The designer said it was, with a minor adjustment.

The coroner's council asked if the designer is an engineer. Anderson said, "No." But he says that he depended on the designer, who told him everything there is to know about the Rocket Launcher.

In the afternoon Doug Anderson described the events as they unfolded on August 24th, 1998.

Jérôme Charron paid his money to the cashier. He was weighed in at about 170 pounds and fitted into a harness appropriate to that weight.

Anderson told jurors, he was double checking all the work of two men operating the ride that day. He had been trying to establish a protocol.

Anderson watched as the bungee cords were attached onto clips called karabiners. He noted they seemed closed.

As the bungee cords were stretched to the overhead arch, Charron was being given instructions about how to hold his head and arms after the launch.

The quick release was pulled, and Charron flew about 30 metres into the air.

It was then that a blue extension strap came loose from the karabiners.

Charron crashed to the ground.

Crown council asked Anderson, "Did you see the blue extension strap fall loose?"

Anderson answered, "I didn't see anything. I was watching my employees. I only knew something was wrong from the sound."

Overcome by the testimony, Jérôme's parents left the room in tears.